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At Rest Easy OC, we understand that owning a property can be stressful and time-consuming.  Sometimes you just need that trusted person you can call to make sure the slider is locked or turn the heat on....  That's what we are here for!

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**Condo Associations**

We offer weekly exterior maintenance walks to ensure grounds and buildings are in excellent condition year round.  Your community can rest easy knowing issues are promptly addressed to prevent costly repairs. Our team conducts post-storm checks for damage, monitoring the condition of common areas, and even night drive-bys for verification of exit and walkway light illumination. We document and immediately report any issues. Contact us for affordable pricing.

Some of our services are....

  • Property wellness visits with a comprehensive checklist reporting any issues or damages.

  • After cleaner checks & post contractor work checks.

  • Unit secure - locking windows & doors.

  • Meeting contractors, repairmen or accepting deliveries

  • Need something replaced? Packages can be mailed to us and we will deliver to your property.

  • Shopping - Broken remote, lamp, coffee maker? We will pick one up and deliver.

  • Owners closet restocking - Purchasing & delivering paper products, cleaning supplies & toiletries.

  • Holding keys - Lock out services. 

  • Exterior maintenance walks to assess for wind/storm damage.

  • Turning water on/off.

  • Changing air filters.

  • Bring in balcony furniture during high winds.

  • Battery replacement for smoke alarms & locks

  • Setting Thermostat - frozen pipe prevention. 

  • Monitoring for moisture, leaks and mold growth.

  • Monitoring for any visible signs of pests.

And much more!

*** Clients will receive photos and completed summaries of all visits**

View a sample Wellness Visit Checklist HERE

Don't call a handyman for the little things when you can call us for under half the price...

Pricing Structure...

Our pricing structure depends on property location, amount of time needed to be spent at your property, and if you need a same day visit.

Most property visits are $35...

This price applies to requests for anything that can completed at the property in 20 mins or less and can be scheduled in advance, including an average property wellness visit.  

There may be an additional minimal charge if you need...

  • A specific arrival time or same day service.

  • An item picked up from a store and delivered.

  • Wellness check on an extremely large property that would require more than 20 minutes.

  • Saturday visits during the summer carries a small surcharge due to extreme traffic.

Sitting for workers visits or deliveries...

  • $35 for the first 30 minutes and $19/hour every hour after.  Pro-rated at 15 minute increments.

  • This includes Comcast, appliance delivery, furniture delivery or a repairman visit.

Simply request a property visit for a quote...


Please note...  

  • We are not an emergency service.  If you are in a pinch and have a problem after hours, please text us. If we are able to respond, we will gladly assist you for an after hours surcharge.  We normally keep our regular business hours listed below.

  • We do not do cleanings or repairs, however we can recommend people that we have trusted to work on our own properties.

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